About Us

The world is changing

Rapidly, and aggressively

  • You manage complex issues under increasingly difficult circumstances and unstable conditions?

  • You observe the integrity and reputation of companies weakened by an overarching climate of suspicion?

  • You notice the declining support from public authorities as their capabilities and authority are challenged?

  • You witness the expansion of stakeholders whose stances are heightened by hyperactive and omnipresent influential parties?

  • You serve increasingly demanding customers whose loyalty has become conditional?

We recognize that it is increasingly difficult to conduct business in this new reality which impacts your activities and projects. We have the team and expertise to assist you with these challenges.

Our Company

Since 2000, Pilote groupe-conseil has supported businesses and organizations seeking to develop a solid competitive advantage in the new global environment. Pilote groupe-conseil avails its clients of the know-how applied by its seasoned and highly skilled professionals, hence, clients benefit from a diverse resource of complementary expertise, all to optimize:

  • issue management;

  • creation of value and social acceptability;

  • reputation management.

Results of Pilote groupe-conseil interventions are even more relevant today as they are accomplished through a strategic approach based on:

  • ability to think through;

  • power of anticipation;

  • speed of response;

  • control of implementation.